Illinois/Chicago Corruption


Now we have dark Ops Psychology which is a FBI, Behavior Science Unit, malicious operating tool, and numerous unlawful practices of programming/conditioning, of them creating events to use as reinforcements and plant false thought, Example creating people to give names to that are placed in the targeted individuals direct path of travel, while the targeted is subjected to a traumatic created malicious event (disrespect, sexual harassment, outrage,) directly with this individual, that the agents have created with the intentional design to condition/program, a false thought/memory, Etc, to be done by word association to be people, they want to program/condition to have witnessed an event or piece of evidence, or alleging to have witnessed a piece of evidence relating to a victim or crime.
The process is a malicious intentional design and tactic of FBI/State Profilers, after lead detectives learn they have targeted the wrong individual and want them to believe they committed a crime and to get a unlawful confession to take a crime or series of crimes off the books, and/or (because no law enforcement official has ever been prosecuted if the suspect gave a confession no matter what alleged police misconduct was alleged) get Immunity to outrageous law enforcement tactics of Organized Stalking. They will use an advanced “DOD, NSA, FBI, Satellite Roving Surveillance” inter-phased with “Bio Metric Voice Print Technology” that can receive the voice of god an involuntary response that is undetectable to human hearing perception that gives a voice print that is the thought of man. aka MK Ultra, Chipping, Illuminati, Etc…
The agent use what is called “Nationality Dangerous Stalking Tactics” of the alleged viticms nationality (Polish, Latino, Negro, Etc), and the alleged victims clone to plant alleged vitim in the target individuals mind, and place these individuals directly in the targeted individuals path of travel in stores, restaurants employment sites, Etc. And then have them directly in a distance use direct threats of mutilation and death or intention sexual harassment (which is all created and manufactured by the FBI/State Profilers) , stating they want a confession or the targeted in going to be heinously brutally murdered…
With the FBI Profile Behavior Science agents operating with State and County law enforcement officials and their, personal family members, that have a internal conflict of interest, using advanced satellite and Bio Metric voice print tech will try using all psychological perception in the targeted individuals direct path of travel, people placed there by them, and all things of color, personal item on the targeted, coins, money, keys, vehicles, food they may stop to purchase along their way, or food they eat in their homes, and assign them to be a victim, nationality of a victim, or a crime or a reinforcement of a victim or crime, and then keep a continual rapport of the items, colors, or items to subject the targeted to a malicious practice of conditioning/programming, believing they will make the targeted believe they committed a crime or some individual witnessed them commit a crime, believing in a common criminal design of all agents and operatives involved that their going to get the targeted to believe that they committed the crime their trying unlawfully to torture a confession on knowing the targeted individual never committed, to conceal multi million dollar FBI/state operations, Etc..

U.S. Army’s elite Special Forces train with local cops in a secretive joint exercise
Unwarranted NSA surveillance, the passage of NDAA, stop and frisk programs, and the rise of warrior cops, have essentially turned America into a centralized…


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