Appoint Independent Counsel in Chicago Illinois

16 hrs ·
Daniel Laveau's photo.

In numerous planned series of premeditated criminal designs the Chicago FBI, CDP, Cook County Sheriff and Illinois State Police/Illinois Parole Agents duties of the Illinois State Police(Oakley & Roosevelt) after Jan kankowsky was petitioned to get Independent Counsel Appointed for the essential criminal Investigation into the aforementioned offices, operating in a joint Child Abduction, Serial Murder,Violent crime task force for originally taking in a premeditated design of fraud Solved crime scenes 1423 Greenview ST Chgo, IL, Where child murder transpired prior to renting owned by a cook County sheriff, and 3111 W Lake ST Glenview IL, Where Philip Laveau tied his wife up in the attic a Asian woman that had 3 Asian children (where they in premeditated fraud came up with a Asian Abduction hypotheses ” Female Asian hair and DNA no male DNA or evidence), to operate a special unit of Profilers, and to get access to NSA, DOD Advanced Satellite and Bio-Metric Voice Print Technology to do a unlawful Roving Enhanced Interrogation, using 30-100 man/woman Saturation units that used Immediate Threats of Sexual Organ Mutilation, Death by Stabbing, Kidnappings and to do Home Invasions to his family members And while he was residing at 907 Argyle created factually fraudulent crime hypotheses of the Murder of a Asian and dismembering it’s body and placing it in trash dumpsters in paper marked spoiled meat, to recruit the Asian community on North argyle and Chicago’s China town, and alleged they had Executioners in waiting that were going to kick his door in and Mutilated him and cut his body up all by black cook County sheriff officials operating with the Chicago’s FBI, a residence owned by a Chicago Polices relative, …And agents that lured him into the residence with the promise of sex that, where upon him getting to the residence, after sitting down, law enforcement agents, had the woman place a 9 inch Butcher knife in the chair next to him, that prior to arriving at the residence A Chicago Police officer of Area 4 in a white shirt was witnessed giving her upon going over to his car a marked CDP cruiser and immediately after the weapon was placed next to Laveau, had other individuals stating in another room right after the entrance door of the residence, wait till he picks the weapon up and we are going to kill him, where Laveau heard individuals placing bullets in guns, and place rounds in chambers of guns, and upon leaving the residence noticed all the valuables TV, Stereo, Jewel box, Etc were all stacked by the door to make it look as a Burglary in progress and justifiable homicide,And where Black law enforcement officials, have saturated stores and directly threated him if he did not give a confession to Home Invasions and the Murder of A Black Child on the chicago’s Westside where this crime of the Black Child was created by Black law enforcement officials to put off their criminal investigation of the aforementioned, he was going to be Mutilated and killed ..All agencies involved created factually fraudulent allegations of sexual assault to numerous children that are dead ex girlfriends children that never alleged any type of mistreatment of abuse…and to have made allegations of factually fraudulent crime hypotheses of the sexual Assault and Murder of a Black child on the Chicago’s Westside created by Black law enforcement officials Laveau was and is seeking criminal prosecution of to mislead the Public and get Carte Blanch operating powers and place him in the Immediate threats of a hostile dangerous planned coercive environment, ( That all evidence proves by Forensics no white man ever committed),these are all operations under the Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch United States Justice department, Cook County Chief Judge Evans…and numerous Black law enforcement officials to hinder / stop any type of criminal investigation from being done operating in the corrupt Chicago/Washington united States Justice department…See FBI organized stalking G + Community and chicago corruption face book…and just testify to the deranged facts all of Chicagoland and the suburbs have honestly witnessed by the corrupt officials that will lie, deceive, and mislead all parties involved and the public to prevent the essential investigation into the Chicago FBI, Illinois State Police, Chicago Police, and Cook County sheriffs office and private contractors the federal government has hired to operate unlawfully in the saturation security detail..Etal…


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