Retaliation for creating this blog/post, etc.

****************************RETALIATION BY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS FBI, ETAL*************************************

    THIS IS A FORUM TO EXPLORE, DISCOVER, AND PUT IN MOTION EVENTS AND TACTICS OF OUR SO, BELOVED FBI, and place forth the minds of Ill deranged law enforcement officials of the federal and state government, we all can not trust or believe, because of the server conflict of internal interest.

   Very, corrupt in a planned series of events believing they can do Counter Intelligence, making Malicious statements to the public to impede any type of investigation from being done into their personal criminal involvement of undermining the United States Justice Dept. targeting a Innocent man as a Serial Murderer, using evidence from solved crime scenes, to get a probable show of cause to get access to a NSA/FBI billion dollar satellite Advanced Imaging/Bio-Metrics infrastructure, to do a experimental FBI, Behavior Science project, of Enhanced interrogation involving 30-100 special FBI agents, using saturation units operating in a joint task force with the State of Illinois and Chicago Police Dept.’s involving unlawful coercion, threats of Immediate death, kidnapping of family members, and outrageous harassment 24/7 trying Mentally Condition/Program a man to believe he committed  crimes he never committed so high ranking law enforcement officials would get Immunity or Acquitted, while a Innocent man languished in state prisons and they grow old gracefully.

Chief Federal Judge Holder, Lisa Madigan Illinois Attorney General, Anita Alvarez Cook County States Attorney, Thomas Dart Cook County Sheriff, Robert Mueller FBI Director, Robert Holley Chicago FBI Director, McCarthy Chicago Police Superintendent, and numerous individual agents of the joint task force,Etal. And Deputy/assistant Directors, Etal.

These individuals operating in a common criminal undertaking have placed numerous planned series of events to impede/hinder and stop any type of investigation from taking place into their criminal activities that there in, there is no type of immunity to cover…


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