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If a Suspect produces factual issues of a Internal Conflict of Interest shall Independent counsel be appointed??? To protect the citizens from tyrant government ************************************************************************IN THE UNITED STATES




Daniel J. LaVeau, presents a serious petition for the “Immediate Investigation and Essential Protection From Dangerous Chicago Law Enforcement Officials”, wielding the powers of the dangerous Chicago corrupt law enforcement establishment, after “LaVeau” presented factual exonerating evidence and premeditated fraud on the part of the “Chicago F.B.I.”, “Illinois State police”, “Cook County States Attorney”, “Cook County Sheriff”, and “Chicago Police Department”, that involves a 25 year unlawful Behavior Science Project of the joint task force offices, and millions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of man power hours.
The original “F.B.I.” Chicago field office in a premeditated criminal design to operate a special “Serial Murder, Violent Crime, Child kidnapping, Behavior Science Multi Discipline Task Force”, to get funding and approval to use “Saturation Units” consisting of 30 – 100 special agents, and “Advanced Satellite Imaging and Bio-Metric Voice Print Technology”, to do a “Unlawful Roving Enhanced Interrogation”, involving the use of “Immediate Threats of Death”, “Sexual Organ Mutilation” Death by Burning of being Doused with Gasoline, and placing Gasoline cans outside the “LaVeau” family home next to the premises, a “Tit for Tat Threats of Murder”, “Mutilation”, and “Kidnapping of his family members”, and to do “Home Invasions” on his family’s homes, trying to elicit a incriminating statement to numerous kidnappings and Homicides. He never committed.
The Chicago Field office of the F.B.I., after “LaVeau” presented Factual fraud on their part of taking evidence from the following solved closed crime scenes;
a.   1426 N. Greenview St. Chicago Ill, Where pior to “LaVeau” Residing Between Late Nov. 92 – Mar. 1993, A Latino couple in Approx. July 1991 Abused 2 of their kids tying them to window bars, bunk beds, ans space heaters, and unfortunately murdered 1 of the children, thats body stayed in the basement for 2- weeks, till removed by the chicago Police.( all evidence verifiable by Chicago Police reports , Cook County States Attorney court transcript, Cook County Coroner reports, and department of family services that had to place the surviving child in foster care or relocate with family.)
b.     3113 W. Lake St. Glenview Ill, Where “Philip LaVeau”, (petitioners Uncle) tied his wife “Marie LaVeau” up in the attic prior to 1965, where was discovered his trousers, sweater, underwear, her night gown, wrist restraints, and numerous toys belonging to “Philip LaVeau &/or the “Eastman family”, that resided in the dwelling from approx. 65 – 1980. All items manufactured prior to 1965.( forensics and testimony to the original detectives also suppressed that fact a individual named “Jerry Mahalic” used I/V drugs in the attic in 1988 during a keg party where was discovered his blood D.N.A., and he admitted to using drugs in the attic in 1988 to the lead detectives in 1995.
4.     The unit of the F.B.I., started their operation between a jount task force of the “Illinois State Police’, Illinois Department of Corrections”, and Special prosecution Bureau of the Cook County States Attorney’s office, and Cook County Sheriff, creating factually fraudulent crime hypotheses using “Geographical Profiling” of placing missing children inside the closed crime scenes believing “LaVeau” never knew there histories, and nobody would ever discover them, operating in a premeditated design of major fraud against the “United States and Illinois”.
5.     They created factually fraudulent crime hypotheses of using a “bone saw”, discovered inside “William LaVeau’s” basement (where William LaVeau operated a Coffee Machine restaurant repair shop since approx. 1976) suppressing the fact the device was wrapped in news paper dated in 1980 with over 15 years of accumulated dust on it and welding soot from were “William LaVeau” had the devise welded and repaired in 1980 after receiving the saw from a butcher at “Georges restaurant” at 230 Kinzie Chicago Ill, and having it repaired.
6.     The Chicago F.B.I. then suppressed and operated in a premeditated criminal undertaking to alter the clothing of “Philip LaVeau” alleging it was “LaVeau’s” fishing outfit to conceal their fraud, having lay knowledge that “Philip LaVeau” owned a Hunting/Fishing cabin in “upper Michigan on Paint Lake” that the forensics of the clothing having fish evidence on them and the fact the clothing had over 30 years of accumulation dust on it, and believed would deny “philip LaVeau” ever existed.
7.     After the Chicago F.B.I. were proven to have undermined the law enforcement establishment to use “Geographical profiling”, and to have solely used solved closed crime scene evidence and / or suppressed factual exonerating evidence, and the atrocious “Roving Interrogation” Tactics of Threats of Immediate Death, Sexual Organ Mutilation, using deranged saturation units in a “Highly Dangerous Vigil Anti Style Stalking”, operating with the Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Corrections, and Chicago Police agents and their personal family members, they then created numerous factually fraudulent crime hypotheses of altering a solved closed homicide to be a “Home Invasion”  that transpired  at 1358 N. Ashland ave Chicago, ILL suppressing how garbage got into a abandon building at 1423 N. Greenview St. Chicago, ILL by a couple named “Sam & Carol”, and created a delusional crime hypotheses of “LaVeau”, being transvestite prostitute residing in the building with a “Clem Williamson” (Williamson was discovered dead in the building in approx. Mar. 1993), and also created a factually fraudulent crime hypotheses of a abandon school bus discovered at “Lemoyne & Ashland ave Chicago , ILL” to have been related to a Childs body discovered in a fire at Clybourne, Cortland, and Armitage St. Chicago, ILL in approx. July 1992 that no time frame matches and suppressing the vehicle was placed there by a “Polish Street Bum Junky named Marty”, that lived inside the vehicle, stripped the vehicle down and that when the incident of their alleged fire transpired the individual “Marty” was with in 6 blocks of the area.
8.     After the Chicago F.B.I. were proven to have errored or operated in a premeditated design of major fraud against the United States government and the high ranking Federal, State, and Chicago law enforcement officials learned that “Laveau” was seeking/demanding their full criminal investigation by a official with out a internal conflict of interest (United States Inspector General, Congressional Independent Appointed Special Counsel, etc), they operating in a premeditated series of planned criminal events created Propaganda of “Laveau” being obsessed with serial murderer “John Gacy”(to be praying to him/making love to him,etc), alleging LaVeau” Sexual Assaulted numerous of his friends children, (children that are dead and never alleged any type of mistreatment or assault), alleging  “LaVeau” transmitted S.T.D’S. to the children Syphilis,( to lay knowledge of all law enforcement officials “LaVeau” has never been diagnosed or ever  been treated for any type of S.T.D.) stating “LaVeau” was a Convicted Sex Offender/Child Predator, to create a Threat to Society to get Carte blanche operating powers, to stop/hinder any type of investigation from being done into the factual intentionally suppressed evidence on all crimes “LaVeau” was/is targeted to have committed. And create a hostile dangerous environment to stop/hinder any type of social life, employment and stop any communication from anyone that is a threat to exposing the truth Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigations corruption, Chicago police, Cook County States Attorney, Illinois attorney General, Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Corrections, etc.
9.     The United States Government has a criminal/Civil responsibility to protect the people from dangerous multi millionaire Federal and state politicians that are wielding powers of the dangerous City of Chicago Law enforcement establishment, believing their going to keep “LaVeau” in a continual rapport of highly deranged shocking to the conscious enhanced Interrogation, Programing, and Reckless Mental Conditioning till they make him believe he committed crimes and get a confession, so they can get Immunity and “LaVeau” would sit 10- 20 years in state prison till a appeal or post conviction attorney made the court by order give the forensic science up of the solved closed crime scenes.

And as a exhibit here is the last demand request sent to the united state office  of accountability..————————————————————————————————————————————
Daniel LaVeueaux <dj43laveau@gmail.com>

Jul 11 (2 days ago)

to Webmaster

I have filed numerous very serious natured complaints with your office involving the dangerous Chicago FBI field office and it’s deranged tactics to conceal criminal activities operating with the dangerous Chicago law enforcement establishment.
These corrupt officials have used threats of death, saturation units, and have stalked me in a vigil anti style operation using polish immigrants (Informats/law enforcement family members,etc), to in a reckless design to the local of a body was discovered and then state they wanted a confession to crimes I never committed or I was going to be mutilated and murdered in a outrageous display of a immediate death threat.
The FBI and local Chicago law enforcement officials have used Immigration dangerous African Americans, Middle Eastern, and Latino’s  and their families to place in my Immediate way of travel their Children and then subject me to how they alleged they were my friends deceased children (That died of A.I.D’S OVER 15 YEARS AGO), and/or the victims they alleged kidnapped and murdered,to how the chicago FBI alleges I Sexually Assaulted,and then disposed of their human remains,which i never did or is there any complaint or conviction of, to mentally condition for me to be a convicted sex offender and a murderer, because of the Intentional Reckless planned series of events and outrageous propaganda the chicago law enforcement establishment put in the public and have operated in a numerous planned series of event to get Carte Blanche operating powers with the public.
the Chicago FBI have entered into a series of planned event to use a continual deranged outrageous rapport to program and mentally condition me to believe I committed crimes I never committed so they can/would get Immunity after torturing a confession and then I would languish in state prisons for 10-20 years …
I’m including a copy of the original complaint filed with your criminally/civilly responsible office and need the Immediate assignment of the United States Marshals protection services and the essential assigned Independent counsel and or field investigator from the washington Inspector Generals office to professionally interview me investigate and prosecute the deranged Chicago Violent Crime, Serial Murder, Missing Children/Exploited Children special agent behavior science project,and profilers that have a 20 year internal severe conflict of interest…
Daniel LaVeueaux <dj43laveau@gmail.com>

Jun 22

to Webmaster




DANIEL J. LAVEAU,Presents a Damand/Requst for the Immediate “United States Congress”, to appoint “Independent counsel”, to investigate and criminally prosecute numerous “Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigation’s”, special agents and “Chicago Police Department Operatives”, that have a Severe Internal Conflict of Interest, after in a joint task force. using “Unlawful Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”,operating using “Saturation units”, that have used “Advanced Satellite Imaging and Bio-Metric Technology”, to do a unlawful Roving Interrogation, wielding powers of the dangerous Chicago Corrupt Machine,using Immagrants and organized criminals and the Chicago law enforcement agents own families,and the Chicago Terrorist task force net work,exploiting Missing/Dead Children.
In numerous planned series of events the Chicago Field office of the “F.B.I. and Chicago Police”, after “Laveau”,presenting Factual Exonerating Evidence, to the “Illinois Attorney General (Lisa Madigan).”Federal Bureauu of Investigation’s”(Robert Grant,Cory Nelson and Robert Hollely),and the United States Attorney (Patrick Fitzgerald,Shapiro,and Fardon),and “United States Inspector General in Chicago and Washington D.C.”, of numerous Homicides and Kidnappings he was targeted for, because of the “Internal Severe Conflict of Interest inside the Chicago and Washington United States Justice Department, in a operation that is a CONTIUAL WRONG SINCE 1994, involving 100’s of millions of dollars and 10’s of thousands of manpower hours, and were they used “Threats of Immediate death, Sexual Organ Mutilation,and direct Threats toward ‘LAVEAU’s’ family,of Tit for tat Murders and mutilation Home Invasions,etc.Trying to coerce/elisit a incriminating statement to crimes the lead detectives and any form of professional discovery will prove He never committed with the appointment of professional Independent counsel.
The unit of the “United States Behavior Science Division”, used unlawful Saturation Joint Task Force Units, that made Intentional Misleading Malicious, statements to the Public and Media, of Laveau being a convictewd Child Predator, in a intentional Reckless design, to get “Carte Blanche” operating powers,while unlawfully using advanced satellite surveillacne technology to invade the protected privacy of his apartment,and use live satellite roving technology, while subjecting him to a direct unlawful radio broadcast of a Magic Microphone type device,that he was subjected to and in a reckless endagerment to the public, to keep him in a unlawful continual rapport of Interrogation trying to Torture a Incriminating statement, and Mentally Condition him to believe he committed crimes he never committed, in a criminal design to protect high ranking federal/State law enforcement officials(federal Judges,attorneys,and Illinois officials involved in the operation)
As a exibit “Laveu” present the original petiton presented to the United States Inspector General and Illinos Inspector general as a showing of the Internal severe Conflict of Interst=============================================================================================================





Daniel J. Laveau, presents in a “Due Diligence Petition”, in the office of the United State’s Inspector General, files a petition for the essential, Immediate needed Investigation, into the”Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigations” & “Special Prosecution Bureau of Anita Alvarez’s office”, that in numerous planned series of criminal events, after unlawfully Targeting “Laveau”, as a “Serial Murderer”, taking Evidence of “Solved Closed Crime Scenes”, to operate a Special Task Force, between the Chicago Police, F.B.I., and Illinois Department of Corrections, have entered into a criminal undertaking, to “Suppress Factual Exonerating Evidence”, and Intentionally mislead the “PUBLIC”, in a “Continual Wrong Wielding The Powers of the Dangerous Chicago Law Enforcement Infrastructure”, using the “Immediate Threats of death”, “Outrageous Sexual Harassment”, and creating a highly dangerous planned Coercive environment doing a “Unlawful Enhanced Roving Interrogation, Using Saturation Units”, operating in a Malicious criminal design to Stop/Hinder any type of Investigation from being done into their personal criminal activities,etc.
“Laveau”, after filing in the office’s of the “United States Inspector General & Illinois Inspector General’s”, the factual Suppression of Evidence, and the Atrocious Reckless Intentional Endangerment the Saturation units used, making in a planned series of events, intentional misleading statements of him being a “Child Murderer”, “Serial Murderer”,”Convicted Sex Offender”,”To Have assaulted Numerous Children”,(there are no record of Assault on,that are deceased friends children), and to be obsessed with Serial Murderer “John Gacy”, to create a “Fraudulent Threat to Society”, to keep a on going “Behavior Science Unit”, operating and Hinder/stop any Professional Investigation and “Laveau” from being Interviewed by a Law Enforcement Official, that does not have a Internal Conflict of Interest, entered into a vicious planned criminal series of a premeditated criminal designs to Torture a Confession to Homicides & Kidnapping they have Intentionally Suppressed Factual Exonerating Evidence,and real suspect of committing on, to solely protect their professional careers and avoid their personal criminal Investigation and Indictments.
The Inspector General’s of the United states & Illinois State of Illinois, after Diligently filing serious nature complaints, involving the “Immediate Threats of Death, Sexual Organ Mutilation, and Immediate Threats toward his Family of Mutilation by Organized Chicago street gangs organizations, and/or Polish/& Latino Immigrants, wielding powers of Chicago’s, underground law enforcement infrastructure”, instead of Immediately Scheduling a appointment and a Investigator  of their respective office INTERVIEWING LAVEAU, THEY ACTED IN A PLANNED SERIES OF EVENTS OF A  MALICIOUS, PUBIC INTENTIONAL CRIMINAL DESIGN, TO MAKE THREATS TO SOCIETY, MISLEADING THE PUBLIC, OF HIM BEING A CHILD MURDERER, CHILD PREDATOR, CAUSING INTENTIONAL HATRED & HARASSMENT OF A VIGIL-ANTI DEATH THREAT, USING MEXICAN & POLISH INFORMANTS, TO DIRECTLY THREATEN “LAVEAU & HIS FAMILY”
There are numerous Law Enforcement officials that want “Laveau”, Dead or Lost in Mental Health, in a planned series of Factually Fraudulent created Malicious Planned Propaganda and events, of Threats to Society, to stop any, type of Investigation done into their personal criminal involvement, and only the truth being exposed and facts Investigated in the high profile Media & United States Justice Department Investigation, and United States Federal appointed JUDGES & United States Attorneys (Patrick Fitzgerald & Robert Grant,Nelson,and Holley,etc.),impeached & Indictments, from office & Indicted by real American fighting law enforcement Honest OFFICIALS, what is what is right official’s, they can not accept, non-for profit law enforcement officials, that will admit to their wrong, before trying outrageously to place a Innocent man in prison for a crime THEY ,know he NEVER COMMITTED.
Now as a United States Citizen ,  after diligently reporting, this factual Unlawful, ATROCIOUS MISCONDUCT AND TORTURE,  the United States Government & State Illinois have a Criminal/Civil Responsibility  to at the minimum Conduct, professionally investigate, and Schedule a face to face Interview to make a factual evidence inquiry, and sort out the Truth, and nothing more,as appointed officials of over sight Investigative bodies of Government, they have a criminal responsibility to Investigate every claim that is meritoriously presented to them , to protect the citizen from “Rogue/Dangerous”, government officials,The officials,that are operating the unit as of time are every day common criminals hiding as cowards behind a badge , exploiting missing/dead children to survive, and have never worked a professional Investigation heeding/abiding by Federal/State Laws, and have operated in a fraudulent enterprise in the Chicago Infrastructure…To mislead the Chicago Infrastructure and Public, creating one fraudulent delusional crime hypotheses after the other to only stop/hinder their personal criminal involvement from being exposed,etc,,,….using on going misleading Intentional statements to protect their, careers,etc..
The misconduct and criminal activities are so Inferred/self evident that a school law student or any law enforcement official could/would see the Internal conflict of interest and the area of every day Chicago Politics as usual , operating  in the powers of the criminals hiding behind badges, Exploiting  Children as shield to get Carte Blanche operating powers.
THIS COMPLAINT IS FILED DEMANDING/NEEDING THE IMMEDIATE  ATTENTION OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and law enforcement intervention to Investigate/prosecute all the alleged criminally involved official,s of the Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigation,Chicago Police

Jan Schakowsky
Member of Congress















































































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